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Individuals marked with a red dot are direct ancestors of Sherrin WINN Rooney

For privacy reasons, Date of Birth and Date of Marriage for persons believed to still be living are not shown.

Descendents of:

D. Winn
Lewis Duvall
Nathan Underwood
Jakob Hager
Moritz Welk
John Seefeld
Michael Rooney

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As a result of recent research by Lewis Ellingham, it has been determined that Michael Stieffel/Stiefel/Boots is not the ancestor of this Adam Stiefel, as was previously believed.  This misinformation is widely published on the internet and was previously accepted and was published here as well.  This is wrong.

Lewis Ellingham has found and documented (in Germany) the true ancestry of Adam Stiefel which is presented on the revised pages of the BOOTS line.  Lewis is a trusted researcher.  It is his insistence on facts that led him to dig until he found them.  You will find that much of this documentation is in German.  If this is difficult for you, you might try translating it (roughly) at GOOGLE Language ToolsBabel Fish, or Free2ProfessionalTranslation (all free).

Nearly all of the content for the BOOTS line is the result of the lengthy and painstaking work of Lewis Ellingham, who has so kindly shared it with me.
Lewis has generously allowed me to present his work here to share with you as well.
If you have any new information that should and could be added, please contact and share it with him (and me too, please?).  Corrections are always welcome and please do contact me at if a correction is necessary.
NOTE: As you probably know, Stiefel translates to Boots in English.  They are used interchangeably on this website.


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