Lewis Perry Duvall

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Descendants of Lewis Perry Duvall

LEWIS PERRY2 DUVALL (LEWIS1) was born 1789 in ,,South Carolina, and died 1865 in ,Clinton Co., KY. He met (1) NANCY WILEY Unknown in KY. She was born 1792 in ,,South Carolina or VA, and died 1865 in ,Clinton Co., KY. He met (2) POLLY LONG Unknown in Unmarried. She was born Unknown in Unknown, and died Unknown in Unknown.



Submitted by THE STOCKTON PROJECT, Pam Jeglinski, 2611 194 Ave., Lakebay, WA 98349

Original prepared by Jane Frogue Farmer, Frances E. Parker

376. DUVALL, Lewis, 2m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1f 15-20, 1m 20-30, 1m 40-50;

2f 15-20, 1f 40-50



Submitted by: THE STOCKTON PROJECT: Pam Jeglinski, 2611 194 Ave., K.P.S., Lakebay, WA 98349


209. DUVALL, Lewis, 61 m, farmer, SC; Nancy, 58 f, SC; Samuel, 18 m, KY; Vanburen, 15 m, KY;

DYER, Calvin, 28 m, KY; Emily, 28 f, KY; Nancy E, 5 f, KY; Henry C, 3 m, KY; Ellen T, 2 f, KY;

FROGG, Nancy, 16 f, KY; Jane E, 8 f, KY



115. DUVALL, Lewis, 70 m, NC; Nancy, 65 f, knitting, VA; Lewis Jr., 33 m, farmer, KY; Jane, 29 f, housework, KY; Martin, 11 m, KY; Lewis P., 6 m, KY; Marietta, 3 f, KY; FROGGE, William C., 22 m, farming, KY; NEAL, Joseph, 19 m, KY


(In the above census, Jane is Jane Miller, Lewis Jr.'s wife, and the children, Martin, 11; Lewis P. 6; and Marietta, 3; are the children of this son.)


Duvall came to this county from South Carolina where he was born in 1789. He was the son of another Lewis Duvall who lived in that state. Lewis Duvall, Sr. drove mules to Georgia for sale and on one trip he never returned. It was thought that he had been killed by Indians. An older brother of Lewis Duvall, John Duvall, born in South Carolina in 1780, also came to this county. He died of dropsy in this county, January 1, 1857. He was in this county as early as 1818, for a daughter, Eleanor, was born at Paoli in that year. On November 2, 1826, Joseph Alexander, sheriff of Cumberland County, sold at public on the premises 150 acres in the valley belonging to Daniel Huff, to satisfy a court judgment against Huff and William Frogge in favor of Peter and John Zimmerman. Lewis Duvall bid $450.00 and became the purchaser. In 1832, he purchased the farm of James Wood, who moved to Illinois. By 1835, Lewis Duvall had accumulated extensive holdings in the valley at the head of Spring Creek that became known as Duvall Valley, after him.

(Source: Raymond Hacker)


A robust, aggressive individual little concerned with the social amenities of the day, Lewis Duvall sired eleven children by his common-law wife, Nancy Wiley, who came with him from South Carolina, without bothering with the necessity of a marriage vow. The children's surnames were changed from Wiley to Duvall by an Act of the Kentucky Legislature, February 8, 1837.

(Source: Raymond Hacker)




Census: 1840, CLINTON CO., KY CENSUS

Notes for NANCY WILEY:


(source Cliff Gobin at

http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=cgobin6&id=I968  )


BIRTH-RELATIONSHIP: 1850 Clinton Co, KY Census states pob South Carolina; 1860 Census states place of birth VA; 1880 Otoe Co, NE Census of son James J. states mother born VA; 1900 Henry Co MO census of same son states mother born NC. 1880 census of Wm Duvall in Clinton Co. states mother b. VA

MAIDEN NAME: mentioned in will of husband, Lewis W Duvall

DEATH: Mentioned in will of husband, Missing from 1870 census

PARENTS: Greenville Co Deed Book C 1791 -1794 mentions a John Wiley/Wyley and wife Jenney in connection with the sale of slaves.

All the above is from Margaret Stainer (as stated by Cliff Gobin at the above site)



Single: Unknown, KY

Notes for POLLY LONG:

A Polly Long is listed in the 1840 U.S. Census, Clinton Co., Kentucky

Listed are:

1 Male age 5 & under 10

1 Female age 5 & under 10

1 Female age 10 & under 15

Children of LEWIS DUVALL and NANCY WILEY are:

        i. PERMELIA3 DUVALL, b. 1811, Unknown; d. Bef. Jun/1865, Unknown; m. MCKENDERICK FROGGE, Unknown; b. 1810, ,Cumberland, , KY; d. 1850, Unknown.

        ii. OLIVER PERRY DUVALL, b. 1816, ,,KY; d. 1900; m. EVALINE IRWIN, Sep/20/1836, Cumberland Co., KY; b. Aug/27/1817, ,Cumberland Co., KY; d. Mar/06/1909, ,Cumberland Co., KY.

        iii. WILLIAM CARROLL DUVALL, b. Jan/24/1816, ,Cumberland Co., KY; d. Unknown, Unknown; m. MARTHA STEWART, Unknown; b. 1823, , Clinton Co., KY; d. 1880, Unknown.

        iv. ELEANOR EMILY DUVALL, b. Jun/24/1818, Paoli, Cumberland Co., KY; d. 1872; m. JOHN HATFIELD, Oct/26/18361; b. 1816; d. 1879.

            More About JOHN HATFIELD and ELEANOR DUVALL:

                Marriage: Oct/26/18361

        v. EMILY DUVALL, b. 1822, ,Cumberland Co., KY; d. 1870, Unknown; m. CALVIN HARRISON DYER, Abt. 1844; b. 1822, ,,KY; d. Unknown, Unknown.

        vi. ELIZABETH DUVALL, b. 1824, Cumberland Co., KY; d. Unknown; m. MILES H. DAVIS, Unknown; b. 1826, KY; d. Unknown.

        vii. JAMES JACKSON DUVALL2, b. 1825, ,Cumberland Co., KY; d. 1905, Unknown; m. RACHEL JANE COWAN3, Abt. 1844; b. 1824, ,,KY; d. 1882, Unknown.

        viii. LEWIS WILEY DUVALL4, b. Nov/17/1826, ,Clinton Co., KY; d. May/30/1912; m. (1) JANE MILLER, 1847, KY5; b. Apr/1827, KY6; d. Unknown; m. (2) EVA NEAL7, 1880; b. Unknown, Unknown; d. Unknown, Unknown.

        ix. MARTIN VAN BUREN DUVALL, b. Apr/19/1835, , Clinton Co., KY; d. Apr/25/1865, , Clinton Co., KY; m. DIDAMA HUFF, 1855; b. 1834, , Fentress Co., TN; d. Apr/23/1919, Duvall Valley, , KY.

        x. CLARISIAN DUVALL, b. Oct/19/1831, Clinton Co., KY; d. Bef. 18378.

        xi. SAMUEL LONG DUVALL, b. Feb/19/1830, Cumberland Co., KY; d. Mar/19/1888, Unknown; m. NANCY ELIZABETH STEWART; b. 1828, KY; d. 18889.

Children of LEWIS DUVALL and POLLY LONG are:

        xii. W. R.3 DUVALL, b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

        xiii. LUVERNA DUVALL, b. Unknown, Unknown; d. Unknown, Unknown; m. ? CAMPBELL, Unknown; b. Unknown, Unknown; d. Unknown, Unknown.




1. Cliff Gobin.

2. Thomas E. Duvall, descendent of James Jackson Duvall.

3. 1850 US Census, Clinton County, Kentucky, 1850 US census: KY, Clinton Co., #211DUVALL, James J, 25 m, farmer, KY;Jane, 26 f, KY;Dewoit C, 5 m, KY;Ann E, 1 f, KY;FROGG, William R, 10 m, KY.

4. Cliff Gobin, Middle name Wiley per his father's will.

5. Joe Duvall, http://genforum.genealogy.com/duvall/messages/316.html, lt. lewis duvall union army.married jane miller ,1847 second eva neal 1880. was known by nick name 'BUG'.died 30 may 1912 one known son martin m. born 1849.

6. Cliff Gobin.

7. Joe Duvall, http://genforum.genealogy.com/duvall/messages/316.html, lt. lewis duvall union army.married jane miller ,1847 second eva neal 1880. was known by nick name 'BUG'.died 30 may 1912 one known son martin m. born 1849.

8. Cliff Gobin, http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=cgobin6&id=I2192, Clarissa Duvall does not appear on the list of children who had their names changed from Wiley to Duvall; She must have died prior to that date.

9. Cliff Gobin, http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=cgobin6&id=I1099.

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